As you are working on your expansion into the US, there are many actions that you should take into consideration.

Some of these necessary to get started are:

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Legal Entity

Where should your legal entity be established? Many businesses choose Delaware, but there may be complications if you do not use the state where you intend to establish your headquarters. Before establishing your company, consult with an attorney in your US home state.
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Commercial Liability Insurance

It may take two to three months to begin the coverage application process, and issues with premium pricing might arise. We advise getting a premium quote to include in your contract before you finalize it, especially in cybersecurity.
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Certified Public Accountant

Establishing a relationship with a CPA in the state where you will be based should be one of your top five tasks. We suggest setting up a meeting between your accountants in your home country and your CPAs in the US.
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Securing a bank with international competency is important. Monetary transfers and your company banking needs require a banker who understands your business model.
An excellent analogy to remember is that fifty (50) states comprise the US. Each one has its regulations and taxes for doing business in the state.
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With the present state of businesses in the US, obtaining the requisite work visas may take some time. We recommend you consult with a US immigration attorney as soon as possible.
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Employee Benefits & Medical Coverage

Before employing someone in the US, get guidance on the best practices to avoid difficulties. Seek counsel from an experienced agent in the state where your headquarters are located.

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